Phone progress

img_20161110_202952A small update on the phone project

(Note2self: implement GD-Lib on the server to properly scale the images)

In the picture you see the current setup sitting right next to me.

Thats the feather with a 128×32 OLED featherwing, a gsm pigtail, a small speaker in the plastic bag, 3 buttons on a pcb and an old rotary dial.
The rotary dial is not the final one since it’s from around the 80’s and got all plastic gears and doesn’t sound as good as an original one. Got a better one right behind me, all  metal and Bakelite but different timing and no dial for now.

Code-wise I implemented a basic menusystem, I can make calls (Rotary dials weren’t meant be used for  12 digit cell phone number, weren’t they?) and I can answer calls.

This weekend I’ll do a complete refactoring of the code because the way it is now it’s getting out of hand. Then either look into power saving modes and figure out why my FM units is not working or I’ll start on the case.

I made a first sketch seen in the picture but I’m not quite sure if I’ll go this way. Steampunk is out of the question – at all this is a cell phone and there’s only this much you can hide behind brass, ornaments and overengineered mechanics. Art deco doesn’t fit either so I’m probably going dieselpunk.
I’m not really sure whether I’m going the bulky military look with wood&polished steel like in the pic or do something with more rounded edges – something that actually fit’s in your pocket without tearing huge holes in the fabric of your jeans. I’ve got some fragments in my head of wood framed in some massive aluminum bars, a flip phone, round edges, … dunno.

Oh, and btw: I consider the SMS-typing problem officially solved 😀