Laurent Rodemerk XML Converter/Manager

vocabA first draft of a XML reader/writer for Laurent Rodemerks Vokabeltrainer.
Use with caution, always save because all the data change events are not properly hooked up yet.

You should be able to read, edit, save and create new xml files.

I pieced this together on one evening, then my GSM hardware arrived. So it’s provided as-is until I finish working on my phone or m totally fed up with C-coding. Whatever comes first ­čśë



  • some small ui improvements
  • edit menu gone – is now a context menu in the unit list
  • hooked up some more listeners
  • xml file filter selected as default on open/save
  • xml extension added automatically
  • it’s now possible to delete multiple rows
  • added a warning if clipboard data doesn’t contain 3 columns (aka can’t be parsed properly)
  • added proper license ­čÖé
  • minor bug causing an (unnoticed) exception on list selection change
  • still need to fix the download plugin on the blog (doesn’t show proper version numbers, all releases)
  • still owe you guys the source code but I really like to clean this mess up beforehand and fix the d/l and get svn running again on this host


Download “Vocab2XML” VocabToXML-3.jar – Downloaded 458 times – 76 KB

Run with:

java -jar vocabtoxml.jar

or double click if this is working on your OS.