AOSpeech text2speech for AO

Recently I found this long forgotten project on my harddrive.

What it basically does is to read out your chatlog of anarchy online. You may select a different voice and apply regular expressions to filter the log.

This version (0.1) was previously released. What I found on my harddrive was version 0.2. which added a bufftracker. This niffty little addition keeps track of your buffs on your character. If a buff is missing it gives visual feedback by highligthing the missing buff.

I also worked on a version 1.0 which was a total revamp. It added different channel trackers, events, webbrowser, various chat exports,…

I will see how far I got with this version and, if it’s kind of stable, deploy it here soon.

You may get v0.2. here: LINK (80KB – .net 2.0 required)

AOIDlocal icon export working, first searches

I managed to pull the item+nano icons from the AO database.
I use the aodbressourcetool.dll for reading out the images to the raw file, then splitting them (~6.500 Images) into seperate files.
What I do now is to repack the images all in on big file and create an dictonary-file conatining the names, the offsets and the sizes of the images in the file.
Not quite performant, but does the job. Later on I will skip the steps to create ~6.500 files and patch my code directly into aoddbressourcetool.

I also wrote a plugin for aodbressourcetool to export the data to my sqlite database. Still needs some work, but -again- does the job for now.
ATM I’m pulling only basic item information. Requieremnts, attributes and the like still need to be implemented.

To test all this I wrote a IconBrowser which shows you all the icon ids and then pulls the corresponding icons from my ressource file.

A basic search funtion is also ready to use:
basic detail view

Enough for now…

Anarchy Online local item database

Recently I reactivated my AO account and rolled a soldier on RK/3.
At this time aomainframe was down due to server issues and auno had some nasty timeouts.
I checked what’s going on at aodevs and realized that there was not much activity.

What if the devs leave the sinking ship? What if jayde, auno and vhab shut down their databases?
I wanted to be prepared for this so I began to work on a local database browser similar to auno.

The first step was to salvage myste’s database from AOIA and pull the icons with AODBRessourceTool from the database:


Now the next step is to write my own database parser…