Wall mounted lamp

Inspired by Frank Buchwald’s excellent works:

Concept for a wall mounted lamp with 4x13W T5 neon tubes (51cm x 16mm). Some copper and brass fittings, parts of a desk lamp and some wood work to hold everything in place. Cost approx. ~80€

The brass fittings on the ends can be detached for easy tube replacement.

Still need to find an idea for a stylish & optional reflector (deflector?)

USB flash drive

Made a new flash drive. Actually 2 of them. It’s called the “Phial of Aletheia”.

They are both made of copper tubing, some etched brass sheet and some brass piping. Both feature 8GB storage capacity. They are made for everyday use, so everything is made of metal, soldered and firmly screwed. To not loose the cap they have some kind of transport lock. That’s the bracket in the pictures which secures the cap. The cap fits firmly without the bracket but if you carry around the stick on your keychain you may want to attach the bracket to be on the safe side.

They both have some minor design flaws.

On the first one (the one in the background) I had some problems with the etching process since I did it the first time (using natrium).  I used 50mAmps over some hours which turned out to be not even close to enough to etch significantly into the brass. So this is a little bit faint. And the cap actually slides to deep into the rest of the stick so i couldn’t install a cover for the electronics.

For the second one I made a cover for the electronics but payed no attention to the space I lost from this. So I need to get one of those micro flash drives.

Since building the second stick took only 5 hours, I still have some design flaws and one of the sticks is a gift, I think I’ll make some more, maybe with other etchings, leather straps, light and other details.

The second stick I made in the front, without the security clamp.

Xmas time – steampunk time

Opps, forget about the lamp project.

I finished it just in time but only have a poor quality pic at hand .

ceiling lamp

ceiling lamp

This is the lamp partialy assembled.

I’ll take some more pics when I install this thing

Xmas time – steampunk time

Ok, just a short post before I hit the hay.

It’s christmas again, my sister moved back to town and she wanted a ceiling light for here new home.

Not an easy task since ceiling lights are usually big and have to provide a fair amount of light.

So without further ado here’s the concept:

Steampunk ceiling light

Steampunk ceiling light

I have all the parts at hand (except the pulley stuff) and began the work on the lower joints. The next days I’ll do the mechanics. The most complicated part will be the bending of the brass parts. Wish me luck.

Upcoming project: Another Lamp

Ok, here’s the next project in the pipeline (for the time when I’m fed up with programming):

Did the render in a hurry, so there are some parts missing (the wire will be properly attached using a thumb screw, flip switch missing, etc…) but you’ll get the picture. Copper piping, glass tube, bulb, dimmer switch all at hand. Just need to get the parts for the ceramic insulator.