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multiple problems here

multiple problems here

  1. we can’t keep Truck and trailer separate sprites. As one can see at the topmost truck, the trailer bleeds into the truck sprite. There is no way to properly sort this out with iso sprites. So we would need to render a sprite for each truck&trailer combo in each direction – too much work but doable
  2. The usual z-order issue you can see on the truck below. Truck is a 3×1 sprite, z-order says: render last but obviously it’s the 2 boxes that should be rendered last – need to figure this out
  3. we’re doing all that stuff for some fancy graphics. For some action on the screen while the actual game content is more about using spreadsheets. So the trucks need to drive and take turns. – adding a pivot point between truck and trailer is nearly impossible without rendering each animation frame separately if the trucks takes a turn.
  4. I can’t do pixel art so I’m modeling in 3D, UV-Wrapping, rendering to ISO-Sprite and fight with all the issues I’m getting from using a ISO-Engine. Maybe it would be better to go full 3D instead, just load the models and slam a proper Iso-Cam onto the scene? Cars could turn, no z-ordering, attachable trailers…
  5. Ofc there’s always the option to make the graphics super tiny, so that we can fit a whole truck and trailer in one single tile, or to somehow avoid displaying the trucks at all…


resource management

Keeping track of your resources and assets in a game is a crucial point in every game framework.

In Infestation I had a ResourceManager which basically had an array for every resource type. There was an array for images, an array for sounds, etc… On game startup I created an instance of ResourceManager which read all resources and created objects in the corresponding arrays. The references to these resources were hardcoded in ResourceManager.

This served me well but had two major drawbacks: I loaded all resources at once. No biggie if you have just a handful of graphics and oggs. But as the game grows, more assets are added which lead to longer loading times and more references to this ResourceManager are made which makes later refactoring more comlicated. Another drawback is that while loading this blob of resources you can’t give any feedback to the user while the load method runs.

So time for a new ResourceManager until it’s to late

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Preview video of 0.1

Just uploaded a sneak peek of the upcoming 0.1 version. I thought it would be time to show some actual graphics before we hit 0.1.

[jwplayer config=”Custom Player” mediaid=”487″]

Sorry or the lack of audio and the overall bad video quality. I’ll do a proper commentated version once I finish v0.1 and get my video codecs working.

What’s basically shown in the video is a first draft of the main menu, loading/saving, the basic equipment screen where you can only swap weapons at the moment and the gameplay. The gameplay has turns implemented, basic “follow-me-AI”, killing, movement directions and finally killing the alien. 🙂

As you’ll notice there’s 1 AP missing on the players turn, the hidden movement screen isn’t a hidden movement screen and the vertical door is missing the proper open door sprite.